Marin Farms was established…

in 2009 in Central NY by Nicole and Richard Marin, with the hopes of breeding and exceptional Hunter/Jumpers, utilizing some of Europe’s and the USA’s top bloodlines by top Stallions, with Olympic or 1.50M experience.

In addition to focusing on creating top talent for the industry, we also became somewhat of a sanctuary, with some of our top broodmares having been rescued from slaughter.

We want to breed and create horses with a good foundation, who above all else get to be horses as they grow up. While we show on the line to get our kids experience in the ring, you will not find us dragging them all over the east coast from show to show collecting points at all costs. We believe that youngsters thrive and need socialization in group environments to stay healthy and happy.

What that means to you as perspective client, is that we will not have videos of the yearlings and 2-year-old free jumping. We may put them through the shoot at the end of their 2-year-old year. We will not start them until the summer of their 3-year-old year, and even then, it will be gently. Work will commence their 4-year-old year. We believe this will keep them sound and competing for you for a long time.

Nicole started riding in Germany in 1978, with numerous city and regional titles in Dressage and Jumping. After coming to the US in 1981 Nicole continued showing in California as a junior. She spent time in Kentucky working on the track and with trainers in the racing industry in 1985, and in 1986 went to the UK to get her BHS Instructors license. Nicole and her family ran Hampton Place Stables (a boarding and training farm) from 1992 to 2008 in Northern California showing and training horses and students in the West Coast Hunter Jumper circuit.

A little burned out by politics in the show ring, and the cost of finding quality horses with Grand Prix potential, when Nicole and Richard moved to NY, they decided to focus on breeding what was always so elusive and expensive or was being bought and flown over from Europe.

Richard really is the foundation and solid rock for this adventure we are on. Although not introduced to the horse world until he met Nicole, he is the steady hand helping with foaling, handling youngster, fixing everything that breaks (and if you ever owned a farm, you know that is a daily occurrence) and manages the day to day operation. He is also the one that spoils everyone with organic carrots from Wegmans on a regular basis.

We truly believe that American breeders can and are providing the same quality that you will find in Europe.

We invite you to make an appointment and stop by to check out our quality youngsters. We will offer you hospitality and a fun and educational visit. Who knows, your dream may start here with us….

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Trakehner Mare

Schoenfeld (Meilenstein/Ordensgalnz) x Ride Heather Ride (Red Ryder/Empery)

398 Martin Hill Road - Harpursville, New York - 13787